Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in the system if I am an individual?

Yes, we work with individuals who has reached the age of majority.

Can I work in the system if I am a foreign taxpayer?

If you are a non taxpayer of Russian Federation, please contact us to discuss opportunities for cooperation.

How can I start working with

Use the Help section for integration SDK into your application.

What kind of ad formats do you support?

User will see the full screen rich media banner while using the application (during loading process or between levels, depending on developers implementation). Banner will be closed if the user will click a CLOSE button or after a 15 seconds timeout. This ad format can be used in addition to ads, already integrated into your application. We also support any common ad formats on the mobile advertise market - such as the popular 320 * 50 and respectable video and many others.

What kind of advertising is shown in

Basically it's a well paid advertising of popular brands.

How can I get mine income?

For legal entities / individual entrepreneurs according to the Agreement. For individuals to WebMoney, PayPal account or as agreed by SWIFT-transfer.

How often do you update the statistics, and why should I trust it?

Statistics is available in real-time mode. Statistics is handled using one of the most popular in Russia system of online advertising Adriver.

What is my minimum payout?

Minimum payout is 1 000 rubles (about 30 US Dollars).

When do I get paid?

Income earned by a partner in the accounting period will be available for payout at first day of the following month, but after achieving the Minimum payout amount. After that the account holder may order the payout. The money will be transferred to the partner during the 30 calendar days from the day of order.

Shall i update the SDK, or modify the sourse code?

If you are using the latest version of the SDK, update is not necessary. However, we recommend you to check for updates regularly.

Can I run ads on my mobile website?


Can I earn money on involving new partners to

Yes, you can earn 5% of the referral's income (a new partner registered via partner's referrer link). To get it you must log in and go -> «Desktop» -> «Affiliate Program». Here is your unique referrer link. List of referrals and your income available in the section Advertise.